We work with and for solicitors from sole practitioners to firms with multi million pound turnovers.

We work with firms from high street practices to those with multi offices and overseas practices. We assist firms in their risk management processes and also in defending complaints brought by clients and the regulatory bodies. We do not advise on compliance issues but work closely with those businesses that do so.

One specific area of expertise is in relation to engagement letters, not just the letters themselves, but the process surrounding the letters, and the ways in which those letters can be used to manage risk and improve the relationship practitioners have with their clients through our Close the Circle® service.

We provide training on risk issues to solicitors on a variety of relevant topics through our RiskBites® programme or as a lecturer at conferences on request.

We also provide risk management services to solicitors, helping them on an ongoing basis with their internal risk, training, reporting and strategy.

Through our DeRisk® service, we help firms who are struggling to obtain PII insurance due to historic issues with their practice – this may be a history of introductions into tax schemes for example, or a history of missed time limits in litigation practices as another. 

Through our De2Risk® service, we help firms who are looking to buy or sell their practice, with a review of the historic risks and current processes, to assist in obtaining the best terms and (for buyers to ensure that the integration of the new business is managed and risks minimised).


Jodie Hill, Managing Partner of Thrive Law

“Karen has helped us with our risk management and engagement letters. Her advice has been hugely practical, commercial and effective and we feel confident that we are in good hands! Both Karen and Polly are approachable and the Thrive team feel able to ask questions when they have any concerns. We would highly recommend as Karen looks at the whole process differently to anyone else giving us perspective we are truly grateful.”

Jonathan Watmough, Partner at Keystone Law

“I have known Karen in a professional capacity for many years. Her vast knowledge and experience of risk management in professional services not only sets her apart, but also makes her a valuable asset for any practice. The fact that Karen is also highly committed and an absolute delight to work with makes the decision to appoint her even easier. I have recommended Karen to others and I will continue to do so.”