Specialist providers of advice and training to professionals on Risk Management by renowned experts

We provide clients, either direct or via the law firms Thrive Law and Haddletons, with a full range of services to ensure that their professional and tax risk is properly managed and mitigated and any disputes resolved in a commercial and cost effective manner.

Close the Circle®

When did you last review your engagement letters and terms and conditions?

Our Close the Circle® service can help.

Embed and Protect®

Do you want a professional risk management service?

Benefit from a holistic embedded, risk management service, provided by Embed and Protect®.

Tax DeRisk™

Are you having problems with HMRC?

If you're struggling with contentious tax issues, our Tax DeRisk™ service can help.

RiskBites® Club

Don't have the time to attend lengthy risk management courses?

We provide a risk helpline and monthly risk training in our RiskBites® Club.


Are you having problems with your PII renewal?

We offer innovative solutions to clients with a troubled professional indemnity claims history.


Are you buying or selling a professional services business?

Our De2Risk® service can provide an analysis of the risks involved and enhance the terms you can achieve.

Flex DeRisk®

The Flex DeRisk® service helps manage these risks and provides simple, practical guidance, along with a remote and flexible working policy if required, and so much more.

Risk Insight Report®

Don’t have the time or resources for a complete review of your internal policies, processes and procedures? A Risk Insight Report™ might be the solution you are looking for.

Lectures on Risk

Karen is a popular and well regarded lecturer on professional risk management and tax risk issues and lecturing services are provided direct by Karen Eckstein Limited.