Embed and Protect®

Embed and Protect®

Embed and Protect® is our professional risk management service – we take your risk management problems away. Leaving you free to regain control of your time and your finances. Our fees are transparent. We offer a free general retainer or a fixed monthly fee at your choice so you are not left with an unexpected bill!

If you have ever had to deal with a complaint or claim against your firm, you will know how time consuming and expensive it can be, dealing with the lawyers, insurers, managing disaffected staff, locating (sometimes very old) papers, investigating the facts, appeasing unhappy clients, and trying to resolve the matter. The impact on your professional indemnity insurance can be significant (and you may need to use our DeRisk® service to help you get cover in the future).

That time is time you could spend focusing on moving your business forward or on doing profitable client work.

For the option of proactive risk management at a fixed monthly fee, the Embed and Protect® service provides an advice line for all staff whenever they have risk issues, or feel uncomfortable on a file. Staff may feel reluctant to speak to a partner about an issue until the matter becomes critical, because they think it reflects badly on them.

Contacting the advice line, which is independent of the firm but ‘part of the team’, leads to earlier resolution of issues, and can often prevent matters escalating.

The service strategically manages the notification and claims service, ensuring that brokers are provided with prompt and complete information, so that you are able to move forward in an appropriate manner, and avoid the escalation of client hostility in the interim (which can happen if the client is not responded to appropriately during the process).

To maximise the value of the Embed and Protect® service, we can also provide as part of the service:

  • Bespoke training on the issues relevant to your firm, meaning that risks are reduced year on year.
  • Annual reports to the Board on risk areas and recommended improvements, so that these can be implemented prior to PII renewal.
  • Assistance with PII renewal is available, working with your brokers to achieve the best outcome for you and your firm.
  • Assistance (at an additional cost) for the handling of complaints investigated by professional bodies.
  • Wrap around care, where we work with you to pro-actively manage your risk, improve your risk profile, assist with issues when they arise, and provide support for your staff – all for a transparent monthly fee.

To find out more about Embed and Protect® watch this video