Tax DeRisk™

Tax DeRisk™

Tax DeRisk™ is our contentious tax offering. We support individuals and businesses when they have issues with HMRC. We work alongside law firms, accountants and tax investigation specialists to achieve the best result for the client.

Our team is headed by Karen Eckstein, a Chartered Tax Adviser, who understands the tax issues facing clients. Karen has been involved in numerous contentious tax matters including:

  • Setting aside transactions in offshore jurisdictions using the rule in Hastings Bass
  • Seeking declarations as to the true nature of transactions for tax purposes
  • Numerous ADRs (alternative dispute resolutions) with HMRC – an alternative to the litigation process
  • Penalty challenges
  • Challenges to HMRC’s process and timings (for example, that HMRC are out of time to raise assessments)

We also assist where advisers have hit a ‘brick wall’ in their discussions with HMRC over a particular issue, and we are happy to act on a limited retainer in that respect, to assist in moving matters on.

One particular area of specialism is in relation to finalising the legal aspects of a settlement with HMRC where there is a trust or other legal structure involved; often the unwinding or closure of that structure can unwittingly incur further tax charges if appropriate steps are not taken. We are experienced in managing these issues and ensuring that the best possible result for the client is achieved.

To find out more about Tax DeRisk™ watch this video