Flex DeRisk®

Flex DeRisk®

Do you or your staff work away from your office for all or some of the time?

Do you/they travel by public transport?

Do they ever take calls or use their laptops in cafes or other public places?

Are you/they aware of the risks that can arise?

Have you thought about the confidentiality risks that can arise, even in your employees’ homes?

Have you thought about how your business can manage multiple requests from employees to work flexibly, whether that be job sharing, flexible hours, remotely or otherwise?

Are your systems and processes ready?

Can you ensure that your clients’ needs will be adequately met?

Are you at risk of losing valuable staff to other businesses who are ready to offer more flexible terms to their employees? Those employers are ready because they have prepared and put appropriate processes and procedures in place, having considered the issues and risks in advance. 

The Flex DeRisk® service helps manage these risks and provides simple, practical guidance, along with a remote and flexible working policy if required, and so much more. 

To find out more about Flex DeRisk® watch this video

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