Lectures on Risk

Karen is a popular and well regarded lecturer on professional risk management and tax risk issues and lecturing services are provided direct by Karen Eckstein Limited.
As well as providing monthly training to members of the RiskBites® Club, we provide lectures, webinars and workshops for professional bodies and training organisations. We also provide bespoke training in house to professional firms. The feedback we get is always extremely positive. Our lectures are down-to-earth, practical, and thought provoking.
Karen lectures on a variety of topics, including:
  • Hot topics in tax-related claims against solicitors.
  • Hot topics in tax-related claims against accountants and tax advisers.
  • Risk management for solicitors.
  • Risk management for accountants and tax advisers.
  • Engagement letters and liability caps.
  • How to succeed without competing.
  • Remote working – the pros and cons and the risks to plan for.
  • Retainer creep – how to identify it, manage it, and make more money as a result!
  • How to get staff to engage in risk management.
  • The hidden cost of claims and why risk management is important.
  • Lessons learned from actual cases and near misses.
Karen is a Chartered Tax Adviser, as well as a solicitor with 30 years’ experience in defending claims against professionals and has also passed the prestigious IRM (Institute of Risk Management) exams. She has the right balance of skills to advise and lecture in this cross over field.
Her focus is risk and tax related issues. She can focus on either or both in a session, but they are better done separately. Talks in the past have, for example, looked at areas of a solicitors’ practice and where tax related issues have arisen and how to minimise them.
Similar workshops and presentations have been undertaken for accountants, but the more compelling and wider impact talks are in relation to professional risk management generally. They do get a very positive reaction.
Talks generally last 1-2 hours, depending on what is required, but Karen is also happy to provide longer workshops if required.
Karen is very happy to provide lectures to solicitors, accountants, tax advisers and other professionals. She often gives advice on risk related issues and speaks on those topics frequently. Karen also gives bespoke training on specific issues facing a particular firm, which can be powerful and impactful for staff.

Comments from previous lectures

Managing Director of a professional indemnity insurance specialist broker

“Revealed numerous unexpected costs that arise from incurring a PII claim, based on Karen’s career long experience.”

Senior Partner of a law firm

“Excellent session. Karen has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon for these sessions to bring the content of her talks to life. Would highly recommend.”

Head of Payroll at a leading accountancy firm

“Very informative, detailed explanations and scenarios help to understand the points being made. Makes you realise to cover yourself and communicate before making any agreement to avoid trouble in future.”

Tax adviser

“Just listening to you (lecturing on engagement letters and liability caps). Great to be listening to a professional who is clearly experienced and knowledgeable in their area. Great tips and process observations.”