About Us

Experience you can count on.

We are specialist providers of advice and training to professionals on Risk Management.

Karen Eckstein Ltd was founded by qualified Solicitor and Chartered Tax Adviser, Karen Eckstein.

Karen has over 30 years’ experience defending claims against accountants, solicitors and other professionals. During that time, she saw where the cause of claims arose and realised that the majority of claims were caused, not by getting the difficult technical issues wrong, but by getting the basics wrong. The basics included mismanaging deadlines, filing, emails, engagement letters, liability caps, and the like.

Karen became increasingly interested and focused on preventing claims arising as a result of those basic issue failures. She devised systems and processes to help professionals in that respect, and increasingly lectured on the subject.

In 2020, Karen decided to walk away from professional negligence defence work, in order to focus solely on the prevention of negligence claims, and to set up the risk management business that is Karen Eckstein Ltd.

In 2023 the team grew with the addition of experienced solicitor Polly Coram.

The focus of the business is pragmatic, practical and realistic in nature, recognising that, if systems and processes are not easy to apply, they will not be followed, giving rise to greater risk to the business.