Tax Advisers

Karen is a CTA and fully understands the issues that tax advisers face.

Karen was on ATT council for many years, involved in the drafting of a number of key guidance materials (including engagement letters) for CIOT and ATT and was a key member (including chair) of Joint Professional Standards Committee for many years.

We work with and for tax advisors from sole practitioners to large multi practice firms. We work with firms from high street practices to those with overseas practices. We work with and advise on the regulatory requirements of CIOT and ATT. We assist firms in their risk management processes and also in defending complaints brought by clients and their regulatory bodies.

One specific area of expertise is in relation to engagement letters, not just the letters themselves, but the process surrounding the letters, and the ways in which those letters can be used to manage risk and improve the relationship practitioners have with their clients via our Close the Circle® service.

We provide training on risk issues to accountants on a variety of relevant topics through our RiskBites® programme or as a lecturer at conferences on request.

We also provide risk management services to tax advisors, helping them on an ongoing basis with their internal risk, training, reporting and strategy.

Through our DeRisk® service we help firms who are struggling to obtain PII insurance due to historic issues with their practice- this may be a history of introductions into tax schemes for example. 

Through our De2Risk® service, we help firms who are looking to buy or sell their practice, with a review of the historic risks and current processes, to assist in obtaining the best terms and (for buyers to ensure that the integration of the new business is managed and risks minimised).


Scott Gilbert, Partner and Tax Investigation Specialist at Gilbert Tax

“I first met Karen in 2002 and I can remember it today.  There is a saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and Karen certainly made a great first impression.  And then I got to know Karen, and I was even more impressed.

We have been firm friends since that meeting and in addition I have had the pleasure to work with Karen on a number of matters, recommended her to people who we believe needed Karen’s unique expertise and engaged Karen to advise on our own engagement letters and know your client procedures.  My fellow partners have also referred matters to Karen of their own volition. 

Karen at work is like Karen as a friend.  She is diligent, helpful, knowledgeable, honourable, punctual and does what she says she is going to do.  The cases I have worked on with Karen are where something has gone wrong in a business and Karen is always honest with the issues and looks for ways to solve them and make sure they do not happen again.”

Tax adviser

“Just listening to you (lecturing on engagement letters and liability caps). Great to be listening to a professional who is clearly experienced and knowledgeable in their area. Great tips and process observations.”  

Tax advisory firm

“Karen reviewed and updated all of our terms of engagement documents. … Valuable suggestions were made by Karen and we happily accepted them all. It was a quick process and now I have peace of mind that our engagement documents remain fit for purpose.”