Are you buying or selling a professional services firm? Do you really understand what processes and risks there are in relation to how the work is done in that firm?

If you are selling a firm, using De2Risk® could help you increase your sale price and attract more buyers.

If you are buying a firm, using De2Risk® could help you negotiate appropriate warranties, indemnities, price reductions, escrows, and ensure that you address process failures immediately upon purchase, thereby avoiding potential new claims in your business.

De2Risk® adopts a similar approach to that used in the groundbreaking DeRisk® service. In essence, it is the process of due diligence on the actual work undertaken by the business.

  • De2Risk® analyses the firm’s processes, systems and risk management, to highlight areas of risk and need for improvement.
  • High risk or problem areas are identified
  • Files are reviewed on a percentage basis, depending on the level of risk
  • The value of potential claims arising is quantified
  • The root causes of claims and near misses are identified

Those looking to sell can use De2Risk® to enhance their risk profile prior to sale, improve any processes, and thereby increase the sale price.

Those looking to buy can use the service to identify areas for negotiation in the purchase process, as well as for immediate remedial action following purchase, to prevent claims arising following purchase.

For more information about De2Risk® see our brochure.

To find out more about De2Risk® watch this video