Karen Eckstein

In her spare time, Karen is a keen equestrian, she has two horses and loves to ride out in the West Yorkshire countryside, take part in dressage, and generally spend time with her horses. Karen says that her horses’ main aim in life seems to be to get as covered in mud as quickly as possible, preferably just after they have had a bath or full groom! 

Karen is also a keen skier – with a passion for ski touring – she is one of those crazy people who skis uphill (yes, even though she has paid for a lift pass!). Karen says that her enthusiasm for the sport far outweighs her ability. She loves to get out into the mountains, away from the crowds and loves the peace and beauty that comes with a hike on skis to a quiet mountain col. And eating a plate of well earned hearty alpine food afterwards guilt free is not to be sneezed at either.